PROBA-V Super Resolution

Nov. 1, 2018, 4 a.m. UTC

June 1, 2019, 4 a.m. UTC


The competition is over.

How to make a submission

The format of submission is a single .zip-file that should include 290 super-resolution images, one for each data member in the test-set.

Each submitted image must be in .png-format, saved in 16bit grayscale in a 384x384 pixel shape. The file should be named "imgsetxxxx.png" where xxxx corresponds to the id of the test-set (case sensitive).

Validation in detail

The validation step performs the following checks in that order:

If one of the checks fails, you will be notified with a corresponding error message. If your submission is valid, it will be evaluated and be shown on the public leader-board as soon as its score) has been computed (might take a minute).

Example submission

You can download the following python script which will generate an example submission for you.

To run the script you need

Assuming that all data is available at a local folder data, run the script with:

python data submission

If everything works out, it will create a folder submission, containing some images and a .zip-file which you can use to test the system.

The algorithm in this script takes all low resolution images that have the maximum amount of clear pixels, computes a bicubic upscaling by a factor of 3 and averages their pixel intensities. The Scoring of these images (in terms of their \(cPSNR\)) constitutes our baseline of value 1 for ranking submissions. Thus, in order to improve upon bicubic upscaling, a submission needs to receive a score lower than 1.