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This website was created by the Advanced Concepts Team of the European Space Agency in 2015. The website's purpose is to serve as a platform for space related competitions. We envision it to be a place for space enthusiats from all over the world to set free their creativity and actively participate in the advancement of space and science.

The title Kelvins is at the same time the theme for the website and originates from the unit for temperature named after the physicist William Lord Kelvin. To reach the absolute zero error is the target of many machine learning related competitions. We also want to introduce further theme related functionalities, such as points measured as temperature in degrees and ranks according to the temperature of objects in space such as the surface temperature of the planets in the solar system.

The website is currently under development and is therefore in a state far from being complete. Many features, especially community features, such as the described points and ranking system are still to be implemented. Please report any problems you have with the website.

Code of Honor

The following general rules apply to all users of the website and participants in the competitions. Not following these rules can and will have consequences such as disqualification from competitions, banning, and deactivation of accounts.

Single Account

Only one single account per user is permitted. Submission from multiple accounts is not allowed.


Any form of cheating competition rules is considered a threat against the Kelvins community and will be treated as such.


All users shall respect their fellow competitors and not engange in any activity leading to any form of harm to others.