Star Trackers: The Undiscovered Sequence

Dec. 17, 2015, 11 p.m. UTC

Jan. 9, 2016, 11 p.m. UTC


The competition is over.

Scratching at the limitations set by the competition rules, Luís won this competition with a submission that takes almost exactly one second to compute on electra. 0.96 seconds on average to be precise. Congratulations for winning this competition!

The final score is calculated as the score over all possible scenes with 10 to 25 candidate stars. Here are the final scores of the competition's submissions:

# Name Final Score
1 luis 867.415
2 hendrik 936.372
3 luis 984.683
4 dario 1010.946

The approach taken by Luís is similar to the one he had in the previous competition, but heavily optimized for time efficiency.

Hendrik's submission is worth noting as being able to generate sequences for high number of candidates of up to at least 400 to be computed in a reasonable amount of time.