spotGEO Challenge

June 7, 2020, 10 p.m. UTC

Aug. 31, 2020, 10 p.m. UTC


The competition is over.

And the award goes to .....



The jury for the 'Kelvins out-of-the-box thinking award' had a very difficult time in deciding as the final votes were all clustered on the top teams. At the end, the teams AgeniumSPACE and dwiuzila cumulated an equal number of votes and are therefore the recipient of the award, congratulations!

The final prizes thus are:
1) AgeniumSPACE (competition winner and award recipient) 1500+150 EUROS
2) POTLAB@BUAA (second ranked submission) 900 EUROS
3) dwiuzila (third ranked submission and award recipient) 500 + 150 EUROS

The jury for the 'Kelvins out-of-the-box thinking award' was made of the following scientists: Tat-Jun Chin, Bo Chen, Dario Izzo, Marcus Maertens, Dawa Derksen, Gurvan Lecuyer, Moritz Von Looz, and Mark Rutten.

Congratulations once again to the top teams, and to all the participants, we had fun watching you compete and advance the state of the art in the field.



Hi everyone,

also from me congratulations to all participants! It was exciting to see you fight it out and to read about your ideas. As a bonus, I created a little plot that shows the evolution of the scores during the submission period. I hope you like it:

Looking forward to see some of you again in the new challenges on Kelvins that are still to come.



Congratulations to the winners and well done! It was a great competition and I hope everyone had fun.

To AgeniumSPACE, POTLAB@BUAA and dwiuzila: I will be in contact shortly to obtain your account details for transfer of the cash award. Please watch out for my message in your inbox.

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